Paintball gun game is an extreme sport involving intense physical, mental, and motor skills. Just like any other sports, this game also has a set of defined rules and guidelines.

Since you play the game in the field of a defined layout with a highly sophisticated paintball gun and any disobedience of rules could be catastrophic for both you and your opponent. For maximum fun and thrill, follow the rules and let your adrenaline hit high.

Compared to football, rugby, polo, or skiing, this game is relatively safe to play. Of course, chances of damage are there, but the following rules could cut the chances of injury to a minimum.

Thanks to advancements made in paintball gun making and safety gears technology, the paintball gun gaming is more safe and enjoyable.

However, it all depends on your skill, temperament, and of course, the rule abidance. Achieving a goal and winning matters but not by sacrificing safety and putting lives in danger. Your failure to use barrel plugs could cause accidental firing and damage eyes.

Buy the best and advance paintball guns and follow game safety rules to make your paintball game playing more enjoyable. Here are updated paintball gun safety rules to make your gaming experience better:

Basic Paintball Gun Gaming and Safety Rules

Read & Sign Release Form

All game grounds have a unique set of rules and safety parameters. So, read the document details patiently and plan your game playing strategy to have maximum fun. If you are below 18 years of age, your parents will sign the release form.

Wear Game Ready Clothing

Ideally, your body should be fully covered, just like a combatant on the battlefield. So, it is better to avoid a t-shirt and shorts. Some organizers make it mandatory to wear a full-sleeve shirt and full-length pants.

Must Wear Suitable Paintball Mask ​

During the intense gunfight, your eyes are exposed to the threat the high-speed capsules and paints. So, it better to wear high-quality paintball masks to protect your vision from paint, dust, and debris. It will save your eyes and face from direct paintball capsule attack.

Paintball safety sunglasses can also be used, but it is better to wear a full face mask for better safety. Never remove the paintball mask while in the battleground.

Use Barrel Plug or Barrel Cover

Whether your paintball gun has highly effective safety pins to lock trigger or not, you should use a barrel plug to avoid accidental firing. Barrel plugs are the last line of defense, as even the most advanced safety features of the best paintball gun could fail.

A plug is technically a safety device that blocks the barrel to ensure zero accidental firings. Ideally, when you and your players are not wearing a mask, your gun barrel must be plugged.

No Blind Firing

Paintball is a game of plan and focus, so you should not fire blindly as your resources are limited, and your spontaneous firing could cause an unnecessary safety risk. The accuracy of the shot helps you win the game, so fire accurately to avoid wastage of paintballs and save refill time.

You have to follow ground shooting rules and avoid firing in out-of-bound areas like out of the playground, viewing areas, buildings, or anything mentioned in the playing manual.

Keep Paintball Gun Velocity Under 300 FPS​

Even though you are playing as a combatant to eliminate opponents, you are not in the game to hurt anybody. Your weaponry is to leave a mark not pierce through the skin. So, keep paintball gun velocity under 300 fps. Above this velocity, your firing could damage your opponent’s skin.

Your ground-rule guideline must have the maximum gun velocity limits, so follow it strictly. The best strategy to avoid gun injury is to avoid firing on target if the target is less than 15 feet. You can use a paintball chronograph to measure ball speed and set velocity accordingly.

Keep Moral Standards High

In a high octane situation, some verbal heat and friction are natural. You and your team must behave appropriately and avoid using any verbal abuse. No name-calling, racial remarks, or ethnic abuses at any cost. You are there to have fun, so why to spoil your mood.

No Addictive Substances

Paintball is all about precession, planning, and focus. Like any regular game, any addictive and stimulating substances are strictly prohibited to ensure fair game-play. Your use of alcohol or other substance is against the game fair-play ethics. So, avoid any stimulant or depressant and let your mind and body play to the full potential.

Set Boundaries

A good strategist maps the battlefield and plans accordingly. So, it would help if you took a walk around the battleground and mark boundaries. Follow the ground’s barricade and dead- zone rules. Mark neutral-zone and dead-zone to execute your plan correctly without compromising the safety of players.

Set Game Time

Most of the games run for 30 to 60 minutes. Ideally, there should be a defined rest period to relax, refresh, and reload. While resting, you should use the time to clean and repair weaponries and accessories.

No Hits Rule

Depending on your playground rule, your hit will be valid only of your shot leaves a definite mark anywhere on opponent body and equipment. Your opponent will be out of the game only when hit by a paintball, and it breaks on him. The hit rule might vary depending on game variants. In some games might require multiple hits on arm or leg for eliminations.

Zero Physical Contact

Paintball game is all about gun and marking from some distance. You have to show your gun combat skills from a distance without touching the opponent and his equipment. Playground rules might prohibit any physical contact during game-play.

Surrender Rule

If you are hit by gunshot, you have to raise your gun over your head and shout. You will be allowed to leave the battlefield and go to a dead or neutral zone. The surrender gesture is allowed for emergencies as well. You are not allowed to shoot while leaving the field.


On accomplishing the task, you should notify all players on the field. Don’t remove the mask until barrel plug is placed on all guns. Elation post-victory is natural, but be careful with loaded firearms and masks.

Paintball is an extreme sport full of fun and learning. However, it would help if you were alert and focused, especially on handling your paintball gun. Keep the barrel plugged, and if there is a CO2 leakage, avoid any contact until repaired. It would help if you kept your spares and tools ready to handle any gun malfunction. Don’t forget to clean your gun and accessories.