Paintball is unquestionably one of the best rated recreational activities full of fun and adrenaline-pumping thrill. Beyond sporting value and learning life lessons, playing a paintball game can help earn you a living. Competent professional paintball players earn through salary, prize money, and of course sponsorship. Most importantly, as you gain experience you can earn decent money by getting involved in activities beyond battlefields.

Before you decide to make paintball your career or secondary income source, here is the state to cherish your mood. According to SimplyHired data, the top 10% of paintball professionals earn an average of $165k yearly, and the bottom 10% earn an average of $36K yearly in the US. If you are in a progressive stage, you can expect to earn anything average $77K, not bad when you are earning with maximum fun and thrill.

What Determines the Earning Potential of Paintball Players

Interestingly, beyond salary, you can earn decent money from sponsorship and advertisements. Well, it all depends on your level of proficiency, competency, level one is playing in the league. So, you have to master the art of playing paintball first before thinking about making it a career choice. Here are expert’s insights on what influences your earning potential as a professional paintball player.

Playing Region 

First thing first, there is a remarkable region-wise difference in the earning potential of a paintball player. If you keep the number of events in which you participate constant, you can earn maximum in California with an average of around $65K per year, whereas it would drop to $47K and $46K in Massachusetts and New York respectively. So, you have to be very particular about where do you participate and how many games you can manage to play.

Sponsorship Matters 

A professional paintball player playing for the league earns an average of $40,000 from corporate sponsorship. If the track record of your team is exceptional, you can expect a good deal from sponsors covering all possible expenses along with additional earning from endorsements. But, it is nowhere close to professional basketball players, so be realistic in your expectation.

Play League to Win Big 

In the US, the National Professional Paintball League is the ultimate goal of all professional paintball players. You get a chance to win a huge cash prize, but it all depends on how you play and how your team performs. You can either choose from four different divisional levels of seven players or two five players team division. The Paintball Sports Promotions is another league that organizes the top paintball tournaments including the World Cup event. Just like any other game, reaching this level is very challenging so prepare well with the best paintball guns to be a lethal combatant.

Prize Money

Apart from salary and sponsorship, paintball players earn from cash prizes given at the end of each event. It is the team that wins the prize, so prize money is distributed equally or as per defined team contract. The prize money could be as high as $20K and team compensation. So, your overall earnings will depend on how many tournaments you play in a year.

Economic Scenario 

Just like any other sports, paintball also floats on the wave of economic growth and rises and falls as per the developing trend. So, your earning might rise and fall according to the developing economic scenario. After touching the new high in the 2000s, paintball earning touched a new low during the subprime crisis. However, it is rising since then. But it is likely to hit bottom in 2020 due to global pandemic.

Frankly, salary isn’t the pull factor when it comes to playing paintball. Sponsorship can help you boost earning significantly, but for that, you have to remain at the top for long to get and renew sponsorship contracts. Above all, paintball is all about fun and thrill, so play the game for it and money will flow, at least to fund your passion for paintball.