The thrill and excitement that a match of paintball brings is all worth the pain that comes after. Thousands of people that enjoy this sport because this is the closest that a person can get to the real-life PUBG. It takes real skill to play paintball, and the amount of strategy is mind-boggling.

But, fun and games aside, things can escalate quickly in this game, and the injuries can be pretty nasty. For that, you have to make sure that you are wearing proper equipment and are well covered.

paintball gun shoot

Now, on to the main topic.

Paintball Guns Shoot

Two things can come under this heading; fire rate and ball speed. First, we will discuss ball speed thoroughly and then hop on to the fire rate.

Ball Speed

Many people believe that a paintball travels at the same speed as an actual bullet, which is incorrect. A bullet from an AK-47 travels at around 1500 mph or 670 meters/ps. That’s almost 8 times faster than what is allowed in a game inside an arena. That equals to 280 fps or 190.4 mph.

Why 280 fps, you ask? Well, this speed is enough for the ball to burst on contact and still not hurt anyone. Paintballs are designed in a way that makes them explode.

An average paintball gun has a short-range that hardly goes beyond 100 feet. This distance is ideal for such speed and can be covered within a third of a second. What’s more, this speed is enough to keep the game exciting while keeping everyone safe.

But, there are always those that want to sneak in and take advantage of people. So, for such sneaky people, there are chronograph tests that are made compulsory so that they don’t take advantage of the players inside and play evenly.

Fire Rate

The fire rate is something that is decided by several factors. Basically, any paintball gun that you pick can fire at 30 balls per second. The only limiting factor is how fast you can pull the trigger. And, even that doesn’t exceed 5-6 shots every second.

There is a feeder on top of the paintball gun that contains paintballs and “feeds” the gun with them. Now, there are standard feeders and automated ones. An average feeder supplies paintballs through gravity i.e. it lets the balls fall in all by themselves. The rate doesn’t go higher than 9 balls per second.

Fire rate of paintballgun

Whereas the automated or motorized feeder uses mechanics and can supply upto 20 balls per second, which is still far from the capacity of a paintball gun.

You will find some professional players though who claim that they can shoot 20 balls per second in semi-automatic. There are very few who can hit the mark, albeit barely.

The only way you can push the gun to its limits is when you turn into automatic mode. And, that, unfortunately, is not allowed in many places that host paintball battles. People don’t understand is that the faster the gun fires the pellets, the quicker you will run out of them. This will increase your chances of getting terminated early on in the game very high.

How Does A Paintball Gun/Marker Work

It is a simple way. There is a cylinder that contains compressed gas attached at the back of the gun. The hopper is fixed at the top that holds the color pellets. The pellets drop inside the barrel, and the gas compressed inside the cylinder is released. Finding no way to go, the gas pushes the paintball out with high force.

It is weak enough to deform the ball only slightly but strong enough to shoot it out at 190 miles per hour. There are regulators built inside the gun that lets the user decide on the pressure and speed. This is because heavier pellets require more force, and people won’t buy different guns for them.

There aren’t any specific requirements for the gas. It can be carbon dioxide or normal air.

But, do prevent using marbles instead of color balls. You might find it absurd, but there have been some people reported for using them which lead to grievous injuries. It’s a safe game, don’t let people ruin it with stupidity.

Accessories Required To Play This Game

There is a ton of equipment that every single player, professional or not, has to get if they don’t want to come out of the field with bruises. Those little suckers can hurt if not guarded against.

There are many of them, with each playing a vital role in and out of the field.

First is a gear bag to carry your equipment in a single trip. This may sound kind of apparent but there are many people that you will see many people carrying all the stuff in the most uncomfortable way.

Second is the ball hauler. If you are a veteran and know the hassle and frustration of pellets spilling out every time you try to fill the hopper, this will be your prime pick. There are other stuff as well, for example, O-Ring picks, Gun stand, and barrel swabs that are an essential part of every paintball kit.

As for the other stuff, you can probably get that on the site where the paintball matches are held.


That will be all folks. We hope that you have a fantastic first experience if you are new to this game and always abide by the rules. Safety is always first and foremost because there is a chance of getting hurt no matter what.

So stay safe, healthy, and happy. Adios!