Paintball is a kind of sport where some chances of injuries are existing. Here, everyone has to be focused on various safety measures by which they can easily eliminate every single possibility of getting injured while playing. Here, it becomes important to get some specific safety gear items like the best paintball mask, body cover, goggles, etc.

When it comes to buying a paintball mask, then everyone needs to be focused on some basic things. The biggest barrier in buying a mask is the availability of lots of options. The mask options are not only differentiated on the basis of price range or quality but also on the type of material. The companies are manufacturing paintball masks by using different types of materials and designs.

Many paintballers are interested in buying masks that are made up of mesh. The main reason behind it is the lightweight of these types of masks and many other features. Here, everyone has to focus on one important factor and it is safe. If you are trying to figure that the mesh mask is suitable for paintball or not, then you should focus on upcoming paragraphs.

Benefits Of Drawbacks Of Mesh Mask

As we know, all types of things are having some specific benefits and drawbacks of using. In case you don’t focus on these factors, then you may not be able to make a decision perfectly.  Here, we are going to focus on the details regarding mesh mask and all associated factors.


  • No one loves to bear lots of weight on the face by which they need to deal with lots of issues. Everyone wants to make sure they are having the lightweight best paintball mask. For these individuals, mesh masks are appearing like a boon.
  • The mesh masks are not available with associated lenses. Due to it, some players may find it good because they don’t need to deal with any kind of fog lens or other elements. Otherwise, the players are getting frustrated with the lens fog that appears with breathing.
  • Due to the lesser weight of mesh masks, the chances of falling are reducing regularly. Here, everyone needs to focus on various factors carefully. Some other types of masks are becoming heavier because of some specific elements like straps, lenses, and much more.


  • Mesh masks are not manufactured with the addition of lenses for the protection of the eyes. Due to this particular thing, the risk of injuries is very high. In case paintball hits you in the surroundings of eyes, then you may face lots of issues. While using a mesh mask, you have to use safety glasses separately.
  • Another factor is cleaning. In case a paintball hits your mesh mask, then you have to clean it immediately. You cannot take it carelessly and think about cleaning the mask later. If you do so, then paint may stick with the mask and it becomes difficult to remove it.

These are some benefits and drawbacks of using a mesh mask for paintballing. While playing it, safety is a considerable thing and this particular mask is not perfect to keep yourself protected.

Is It Perfect To Use Mesh Mask For Paintball?

With the help of previously discussed factors, you can get lots of information about the consequences of using a mesh mask for paintballing. In case you are interested in choosing such kind of mask for enjoying comfort, then you should not forget to check out the level of the game. In case you are going to participate in a paintball battle with some expert and highly trained individuals, then you should focus on professional and properly manufactured masks only.

If you are going to pick the mesh mask for a friendly fight with family members or friends only for some fun, then you can consider it. Here, you need to a little bit more careful and don’t forget to get some additional accessories like goggles for proper eye protection. Thick fluid or paint of paintballs can lead to infection in the eyes if it hits the eyes’ internal parts directly. It leads to vision-related issues and increases the chances of blindness as well. You should try to go with the professionally designed masks only.