A good paintball hopper will make sure you have fun, but the best paintball hopper will make sure you win each time. So if you’re looking for the best only, then you’re definitely in the right place.

In today’s segment, I’ll be taking you guys over the best models that you can get your hands on this year. I’ve paid attention to several features and the overall reception, so rest assured, these models are tried and tested.

So let’s dive right into it!

Why different hoppers matter!

Different paintball hoppers have different defining features, especially those features which really matter. Hence, it’s only natural to work with the assumption that these features can give you the competitive edge that you need.

This is why it’s super important that you choose something that you can make work for you!

Comparison table

Empire Paintball 200 Round Loader1lbs200B000S5I2JI
JT Paintball Hopper0.35lbs200B006CPCZ1O
Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader1.05lbs200B06VT4T4JW
Proto Primo Paintball Hopper1.03lbs200B0036FHJLE
Maddog 200 Round Paintball Hopper Loader0.4lbs200B075VJM383
Exalt Paintball Loader Case0.65lbs B016W2P7MK
Virtue Spire IR² Electronic Paintball Loaders/Hoppers1lbsN/AB08PCDHWPM
Empire 2017 Halo Too Paintball Loader1.37lbs180B071J59F4K
Tippmann Low Profile Cyclone Hopper0.2lbs200B000X04RJM
Mercury Rise .50 Caliber Paintball Loader0.2lbs250B0871NRP36

Top 10 paintball hoppers

I have now briefly reviewed all the models that I have mentioned in the comparison table above. To make matters simpler and to help you make a better choice, I have also mentioned a few pros and cons that really make each model different from the rest.

Without further ado, here are the top 10 paintball hoppers for this year!

  1. Empire Paintball 200 Round Loader (https://www.amazon.com/Empire-Paintball-Round-Loader-Black/dp/B000S5I2JI/ref=cm_cr_arp_d_product_top?ie=UTF8)

Let’s start off with the model that you’ve all been waiting for. My premium choice that is worth the hassle and the trouble, the Empire Paintball 200 Round Loader is the best paintball hopper that you can get this year.

Let’s start off with the good stuff.

The first thing that you’ll note is that this model doesn’t really have any internal design or shelving. Although this doesn’t do much for the aesthetics, this makes the Empire Paintball 200 Round Loader a pretty budget friendly choice and accessible by all.

What’s even more helpful is that due to the simplicity of the design, you’ll have access to more durable frame that can take a hit and retain its complete functionality with ease.

All in all, this makes it a pretty good hopper since it covers all the main bases.

As far as downsides go, there isn’t really anything that you should be worried or concerned about. Since the Empire Paintball 200 Round Loader is gravity based, it’s natural that you might have some firing concerns from time to time.

The best way to work past that is by shaking the model a little, and you’ll be good to go. Other than that, the Empire Paintball 200 Round Loader is simply the best, so go for it!


  • Manufactured from durable polymer material
  • Very easy to handle
  • Does the job without delay
  • Can take a hit without losing functionality


  • Doesn’t have any unique aesthetic
  • Might jam every now and then

The JT Paintball Hopper is my second premium choice, and it’s a pretty good one that I think can do you good.

It has the capacity of 200, and is just light enough to make moving around easier. So if stealth is something you value in your gaming sessions, then the JT Paintball Hopper is one of the lightest paintball hopper these days!

The model is manufactured from thick and durable plastic that can take a hit and still retain functionality. Although I wouldn’t really recommend following through with that, it’s still important since it means you can use this hopper even if things get a little physical or hard.

As far as downsides or anything similar are concerned, there isn’t really anything about the JT Paintball Hopper that you should be worried about.

I’ve noticed that this model is fairly self-contained and contains almost all the subtle touches of a hopper that would make it great.

So my premium advice is to make the most out of that and really just get the best out of it. Make sure to keep it clean from time to time and you’re practically set for the long run!


  • Has a very lightweight frame
  • Spring-loader lid is easy to use
  • Translucent lid allows to look through
  • Very easy to carry around


  • Doesn’t have any highlighting feature
  • Doesn’t stand out much

Moving on to the third choice, the Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader is arguably one of the best models that you can get this year. Here’s why you should give it a shot, and why it’s one of the best there is!

The first thing that’s really important is that this model can easily handle and contain about 80000+ shots, which is really a very nice approximate and lets you know how many hits it has.

Plus, I think it’s pretty helpful that this run is under only one battery set. Talk about durability.

On that bit, the Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader delivers very well, too. It’s got a very nice frame that really is a good blend of functionality and aesthetics, and has a little much of everything that means almost anyone and everyone can put it to good use.

Lastly, one feature about this model that’s pretty nice is that it has an adjustable feed tension and a built-in anti-jam SharkFin release trigger, which means you’ll have top-notch performance all around.

The only downside is that the Dye LT-R Electronic Paintball Loader will require a little more maintenance than most models, which of course, is completely expected.

Another minor drawback that I noticed was that the assembly can be a hassle, especially with the compatibility concerns.


  • Can handle almost any paint and conditions
  • Excellent Rotor platform for consistent performance
  • The feed rate is very good
  • Has good futuristic aesthetics


  • Need to install keeping compatibility in mind
  • Requires more maintenance that others

If you’re looking for a hopper that strays from the standard look and has a unique aesthetic to it, then the Proto Primo Paintball Hopper fits the bill perfectly.

This model isn’t really one of those standard ones that really cover the whole back. On the contrary, the Proto Primo Paintball Hopper has an almost vertical shape that sits atop your gun, and will give you the capacity and performance that’s expected.

First things first, the model has a Primo loader which really helps with the consistent feeding and shooting. This is, of course, a good thing and really much needed.

To supplement that, the Proto Primo Paintball Hopper also comes with a clear spring loaded lid. The main benefit that this provides is that it makes reloading easier, and also allows for quick refilling.

So overall, as far as performance goes, the Proto Primo Paintball Hopper is a pretty neat choice and I would very much advocate for it.

The only thing that you should watch out for is that you’ll have the occasional empty shot, but that’s a sacrifice worth it if you’re looking at the grand picture. And you might get a bad lid if you really hit it hard, so be careful!


  • Has very fast paintball feeding
  • Works better than other symmetrical hoppers
  • Bright and aesthetic colors
  • Very easy to use and handle


  • Lid goes back on heavy impact
  • Has the occasional empty shot

The Maddog 200 Round Paintball Hopper Loader is reputed for many features, one of them being its hard and heavy look. Let’s find out more!

First things first, the split shell construction is really something that inspires awe. You’ll note that this model is literally willing to take a hit and still give you the prime functionality that you’re looking for.

I think that’s pretty neat, and really makes it easy to focus on the game and the craft rather than worrying about the whole thing holding together during play.

Another good thing about this model is that the lid is spring-loaded, which also makes loading easier while ensuring that you won’t have to worry about any mishaps.

Since the model isn’t battery powered but is instead gravity fed, you’re technically looking forward to prime performance because physics rarely makes exception. But the real benefit that this gives you is that its budget friendly, and on that note, is one of the best budget friendly paintball hoppers for this year.

I don’t personally think there are any downsides or anything that need to be looked out for, so all in all, you should give the Maddog 200 Round Paintball Hopper Loader a shot. Just make sure to pay attention to the cleaning bit, and oil the spring-loaded part for consistent performance!


  • Split-shell construction is heavy duty
  • Spring loaded flip top allows faster reloads
  • Easy to use and handle
  • Doesn’t require any batteries


  • None

For my sixth pick, I wanted to do things a little different. Every now and then, you’ll need to travel with your paintball hopper, but that whole process can be a little overwhelming.

That’s because you want your hopper moving back and forth in one piece, and not have to worry about any damage it endures on the way. To make that happen, the Exalt Paintball Loader Case is just what you need!

The best thing about this model is that it’s universal, and can almost accommodate every type of hopper there is.

It has a unique and versatile design that is high-capacity but will save you the trouble of being too bulky. Plus, it’s also fairly compact as well!

Another good thing about the Exalt Paintball Loader Case is that it is also rigid and weather-resistant, which means it can endure the worst that the weather has to offer and still keep your whole piece safe.

I don’t really think there are any major or considerable downsides to this model, especially since it’s more geared towards protection rather than hands-on performance. So even if there are any issues, you can easily sort them out.

So if you’re looking for protection, the Exalt Paintball Loader Case doesn’t disappoint. Go for it!


  • The exterior is weather resistant
  • Has a high-capacity storage option plus rain protection
  • Design is universal and very compatible
  • Frame is not too bulky or out there


  • None

The Virtue Spire IR² Electronic Paintball Loaders is the perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, and is a must-have choice if you want a futuristic model that is functional and looks good while at it!

The first thing that you’ll note is the sleek design. Its all-black frame has a very ergonomic aesthetic to it that will really look good on almost guns!

But don’t worry, it’s not all about looks/ the model has a reliable feeding mechanism that will really speed the whole thing up, and also allow you to focus on the game.

One unique aspect of this model is that it has a 3-eye feeding tech that allows you to monitor paint, which means you’ll always have an idea when to work on replacement and went to strike forward.

But nonetheless, there are a few downsides that you should be smart about. It’s best to keep these in mind before making the final call!

The main one being that the feeder mechanism can occasionally get tricky, but this has more to do with the overall setup as well. Get a good feel of the adjustment process, the one with the markers. Don’t head out for battle without acquainting yourself completely, you’ll thank yourself down the road!


  • Has a very large capacity
  • Rapid loading is very easy
  • Easy to open through without any tools
  • Minimal jamming or any ball breaking


  • Feeder mechanism is a little tricky
  • Requires proper handling and use

The Empire 2017 Halo Too Paintball Loader is more geared towards professional use, and people who really want to make a serious upgrade to their current kit.

Keep in mind that this model requires a good amount of investment, so I’d only ask you to follow through if you’re thoroughly convinced about this commitment. Now onto the good side!

The Empire 2017 Halo Too Paintball Loader is more computer based, and really allows you to reap the best of tech to get the edge while playing. With this model, you’ll have the privilege to program the motor speed and the sensitivity of loading.

This will give you premium access to a force feeding of 20+ balls per second, and the rip drive, all working together to make sure that you don’t have anything to worry about when you’re mid game.

As far as downsides go, there’s of course the general issue of it being too overpriced. But I think that’s really a given, if you especially consider all the features that the Empire 2017 Halo Too Paintball Loader packs.

On top of it, the model also has a capacity of fewer balls as opposed to other models. But I think that’s a sacrifice that wouldn’t make too much of a difference in the long run!


  • Allows for programming of motor speed
  • Low battery indicator
  • The shell can withstand any hit
  • Sits snugly on the top


  • Not budget-friendly for occasional use
  • Holds 20 less paintball than standard models

The Tippmann Low Profile Cyclone Hopper is a model that I would highly recommend if you’re into something more subtle with proper weight distribution.

One of the best low profile paintball hoppers, you won’t really have to worry about much functionality. The chute is enough to allow for consistent flowing and what not. However, when it comes to compatibility, there are a few things to watch out for!

The firs tis that this model is only good as far as the A5 Market goes, and can also accommodate the X7/Phenom Markers and the Cycle feed system.

Anything other than that, and you don’t really have the privilege of making this low-profile model work.

One main benefit that the Tippmann Low Profile Cyclone Hopper also provides is that the design also means less obtrusion and also allows you to get the mobility that you want.

So all in all, this is a pretty nice and reliable fit. However, there is one downside that I think you should be notable about before making the final call. That is that this model doesn’t come with the feeder, so you’ll need to get that separately.

Keep that in mind before making the final call!


  • Has a very low profile design
  • The frame is less obtrusive
  • Allows for good movement and ergonomics
  • Easy to handle and use


  • Not compatible with all types
  • Doesn’t include a feeder in the package
  1. Mercury Rise .50 Caliber Paintball Loader (https://www.amazon.com/Mercury-Rise-Caliber-Paintball-Loader/dp/B0871NRP36/ref=zg_bs_15669631_13?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=HCYKGXSBT43QJVYCZ1QD)

Last but not the least, the Mercury Rise .50 Caliber Paintball Loader is also a very good and reliable model that I think you should give a shot.

The best thing about this model is that it can endure and hold up to a good amount of paintballs, definitely more than the standard amount. This means that you’ll always have an edge on others when using this model!

Another great thing about the Mercury Rise .50 Caliber Paintball Loader is its loading mechanism which is spring-based.

This makes loading so much easier and more convenient, and can help you get done with the whole thing very quickly. It’s highly recommended if you really want to bank on those extra paintballs and just claim victory as yours!

I don’t really think there are any downsides to this model, or anything in particular that I think you should be worried about or look after. In itself, the model is fairly self-contained and can hold its own.

The only thing that I would recommend is that you make sure to load properly, rather than just be hasty with the process. This will make sure there aren’t any misfires or empty shots.

So all in all, the Mercury Rise .50 Caliber Paintball Loader is a definite must have. Go for it if you want the extra capacity!


  • Has an extra loading capacity
  • Loading process isn’t that hard
  • Overall frame is very well-balanced
  • Setup and installation is very simple


  • Works with particular sizes balls only

Buyers guide

When it comes to choosing the right type of hopper for your system, there are a handful of important features that are super important.

I would personally recommend that when you’re making the final call, make sure to use all of these in conjunction rather than use them separately. This will help a lot in the long run, and make it easier to better rely on your paintball hopper.

Here’s what you should keep in mind!

  • Capacity

The first feature that I would highly advise that you keep in mind is the capacity of your paintball hopper. As a beginner, this is something that will allow you to have more command over how you choose to play, and will also help you establish your style.

This is because initially, the last thing you need to worry about is if you have balls in the tank or not. Other than that, I’d recommend looking out for a model that has a capacity which can accommodate your playing style.

If you’re an aggressive pusher, then anything less than 200 is definitely a bad idea.

  • Compatibility

Not all paintball hoppers can be used on every gun. This is why it’s very important that you pay attention to the compatibility list when making the final call.

This feature becomes even more important if you already have a paintball gun, because now your options are sort of limited. Yes, most hoppers are universal, but there are still anomalies and models that require custom fit.

So make sure to always account for the right type of gun and if the ball size is something that you’re cool working with.

  • Firing rate

Firing rate is something that is mostly dependent on the type of gun that you use. However, to make it really work, your paintball hopper also plays a very important role.

As each projectile is ejected, the hopper must unload an equal amount of paintballs to keep up with the firing. However, not all hoppers can keep up with faster rates.

This is why it’s very important to get a model that can keep up with the demand and make it easy for you to play how you want, rather than be limited by the technicalities of your equipment.

  • Material

It is always recommended, without doubt or any second thought, that your hopper should be durable and fit for use for longer periods of time.

This is because your hopper will come under impact, and can be damaged. This is why it’s a good idea to get something that can take a hit and still crank out exceptional functionality.

I would personally recommend polycarbonate material because they’re durable and strong, but if you want a budget-friendly option, hard plastic can also serve as a good material. Nylon is also a good option to turn towards!

  • Additional features

Last but not the least, there are a handful of additional features that are excellent to have. They’re not really that important if you look at them from an objective standpoint, but are more of a personal preference.

The first thing that comes to mind is the overall aesthetics. It doesn’t really provide any technical or tactical advantage, but makes the overall experience more visually pleasing.

Another feature is your hopper being battery powered, in which case many operations are automated. But this makes them so much more expensive and rarely worth the hassle.

These features are additional, so treat them as such, rather than treating them as being your priority!

Why you should go paintballing!

There are many reasons why paintballing is one of the most favorite pastimes of the current generation. If you’re not already onboard, let me take this moment out to make a proper case on why you should give it a shot! 

  • Variety to regular routine

If you’re like me, then I’m sure a good dose of paintball is a major deviation from the day-to-day routine and tasks.

Paintball is a great way to make sure that your life isn’t stagnant, and that you’re actually enjoying the little things. It’s a good way to also get out of your comfort zone and make things happen!

  • Increases endurance

One of the best things about paintball is the nature of it. Generally, paintball mimics a minor warzone of sorts where the objective is to literally get all of your opponents.

In this activity, it is then obviously expected that you move around as much as you can. Not doing so would give your opponents an advantage, and you don’t want to lose, do you?

Hence, paintball can also actually be quite a good way to improve your endurance. Move around a lot, and shoot your paintball at your friends to get that extra point that will take your team to victory!

  • Promotes team work

Yes, you can go and play paintball alone. But in the majority of cases, you’ll get to indulge in this experience with a bunch of friends, or a random group of people.

And hence, you’ll need to collaborate with other people. This makes paintball a great team-building exercise and really helps you to connect with other people.

What’s best is that all of this is done while everyone is having fun, which takes out that element of stress or apprehension that other team exercises are often notorious for.

  • Major stress relief

Last but not the least, paintball can be a major source of stress relief for some people. The best thing about this activity is that it requires you to move a lot. In other words, it is basically a means to exercise.

It is a scientific fact that exercise regulates and promotes the growth of important hormones. Hence, it’s important that you indulge every once in a while.

Keeping that in mind, paintball is a great tool that will help you release your stress in an environment that allows you to go on the offensive without causing any damage. So if you’re looking for a getaway after a week of hectic office work, this is a great way to go!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are a few common questions that users often ask. Indulge!

  • What is a paintball hopper?

A paintball hopper is an attachment that fits on the top of your paintball gun. Its main purpose is storage, and it holds all the paintballs/paint and loads them onto the gun before each fire. They’re relatively lightweight and generally very easy to handle.

  • Are paintball hoppers universal?

Yes. In the bulk majority of cases out there, paintball hoppers are all universal. Each model can almost fit any and every gun. However, the type of paintball that is compatible might wary. And of course, there are a few anomalies, a few models that are specialized fits only.

  • How many paintballs can a hopper hold?

This number is more subjective and changes from model to model. However, for safe measure, the standard number that the bulk of brands go by is about 200. However, you’ll also see models that can go up to 300, or as low as 150. The number is not fixed or concrete.

  • Can a paintball kill you?

Not really. Contrary to popular belief, paintball is a relatively harmless sport if it is done right. Make sure to wear all the right gear and you’ll be good to go. It’s important to always be aware that the paintball simply doesn’t have the projectile strength to cause any lasting damage, so it’s best to head out and have fun!

  • Can you eat paintballs?

Generally speaking, paintballs are often made from non-toxic food-grade ingredients. They’re not necessarily worth eating, but the ingredients used are often edible. So even if you do get something in your mouth, it shouldn’t be a cause for alarm.

  • Do all paintballs fit all guns?

Nope. As mentioned above, not all paintballs will fit all the various type of hoppers. Some of them are highly specialized so you’ll need to work with that carefully. Make sure to follow through and get the attachments right!

  • How does a paintball hopper work?

A paintball hopper utilizes the simplest principle known to man to make it work: Gravity. Since the hoppers are installed at the top, the medium just falls into the gun below at a rate that is about 10-15 balls per second. After that, it’s all gun-based work and mechanisms.

  • Can a paintball break glass?

Yes. A paintball, while not being dangerous to humans, can actually be quite dangerous if you’re playing around glass. This is because the typical speed that the projectile can go up to is enough to penetrate glass and shatter it completely.

  • What is inside a paintball?

At the very fundamental level, a paintball is simple a spherical capsule that has filler material in it. This includes water soluble substances, dye, and other non-toxic material. On impact, this explodes and lets out a flurry of colors, which gives it the name paint ball.

  • What is a speed feed paintball?

Generally speaking, speed feed paintball allows for quicker loading and firing.

  • Are paintballs biodegradable?

Yes. Paintballs are specifically designed to be biodegradable. Since a good amount are always used in each session, it’s very important that they’re biodegradable and leaving some around won’t actually do any damage to the environment.

  • Is paintball paint washable?

Yes! Paintball paint is actually washable. This is because it is water soluble and non-toxic, free of any material which might cause the substance to be permanent or dangerous to the host.


It is very important that you choose the right paintball hopper, make sure to get something that is appropriate to your skill level, or is something that you’re comfortable working with. So if you liked any of the models mentioned above and have feedback or questions, or have any general recommendations or suggestions, do share them in the comment section below!