You might have heard stories from kids about the laser tag matches on their birthday or some other occasion. It sounds like a fairly new game and pretty fun too. Except, it got its reception in 1984. This sport was invented by George Carter the Third and received instant fame and popularity. Since then, many arenas were constructed for professional matches.

As for the kids, they could get a set and play in their backyard at night.

This fantastic sport has evolved a lot since then. Many manufacturers have come forth making impressive guns and accessories for the general public. There are tons of choices to choose from, which becomes a massive headache.

But, worry not. We have assembled what we think are the best laser tag gun sets you will find online. Below is our pick of the Best Laser Tag Guns and a bunch of other stuff that people who are new to the sport struggle with.

Best OverallBest BudgetEditor’s Choice
ArmoGear Laser TagAlphaPoint Nerf Laser OpsNerf Official: Lazer Tag Phoenix
One of the best laser tag guns out there. Cost efficient, durable and tough, and enough guns for everyone.Probably the cheapest set of guns you can get online with the amazing quality to back it up.Not easy to make it under this category. Nerf has proven itself time and time again.

Comparison Chart

ProductArmoGear Laser TagAlphaPoint Nerf Laser OpsNerf Official: Lazer Tag PhoenixLaser X 88016 Two PlayersThe Adventure Guys Deluxe
Package Dimensions14 x 9.65 x 6.85 inches2.63 x 17 x 10 inches12.13 x 14.88 x 4.37 inches3 x 18 x 10 inches17 x 5 x 13 inches
Weight4.51 pounds1.73 pounds2.89 Pounds1 Pounds5.8 Pounds
BrandArmoGearNERFNERFLaser XThe Adventure Guys

ArmoGear Laser Tag-Best Overall

ArmoGear is one of the biggest Laser Tag gun producers. Since the day laser tag was introduced in Dallas, Texas, many tried to get a share in this market. Unfortunately, most failed, but those who didn’t, well, they came out as extremely successful and profitable.

What’s really special about this gun set to get the Best Overall is that it has tons of features that never stops to amaze you. ArmoGear Laser Tag has real target sets, a long-range of 150 feet, a night-vision flashlight, and much more.

It also has voice-guided directions with a grip good enough for you to hold when your palms are sweaty from the adrenaline rush. It has realistic gun sounds and vibrations that give you a vivid experience. What’s more, you can shift between pistols, shotguns, rifles, and shotguns for a better and more pleasurable experience.

This whole gun set is powered by Lithium rechargeable batteries and requires around 24 AAA size batteries. Their customer service is always available for you in case you encounter some difficulties.


● Compact and durable to last longer
● Made exactly around the standards set for children’s safety
● Excellent customer service with a money-back guarantee
● Heaps of features


● Lack inaccuracy

AlphaPoint Nerf Laser Ops-Best Budget

Wanting something that is light on your wallet yet works amazingly? This gun set is the one that you need. Keeping your kids busy can prove to be very expensive. If you older kids, say around ‘ahem’ 30 or above, then AlphaPoint Nerf Laser Ops is the correct choice.

This dual gun set is perfect for kids to play around the house. There are light and sound effects that make your gaming experience more enjoyable. After that, there is the unlimited ammo that adds up to the uniqueness of this gun set. Apart from that, the guns show the health bar, remaining ammo per mag, and teams.

As for the range, that is not something you need to worry about. You can play outside in the forest or fields and still make the shot because it can fire up to 225 feet. There is also a device holder that lets you strap a smart device on. You can download the Nerf Laser Ops Pro app, enabling you to track your friends on the playing field. It does some other stuff as well, like tell your progress and customize your gun.

All of the above features at a low price. Easily the Best Budget on our list.


● Unlimited ammo
● Cool customizable gun
● App for convenience
● Low enough price to be used as gifts
● Long-ranged


● There might be connectivity issues with the app

Nerf Official Lazer Tag Phoenix-Editor’s Choice

Convenience and practicality are some of the major things that everyone tries to find in toys like these. Nerf Official Lazer Tag Phoenix excels in it. There are none of the vests that other gun sets come with. All you need is a gun, and you are good to go.

The gun has all the things you will need during your game, because of which it became our Editor’s Choice. For instance, you will receive a recoil every time you fire a shot. Not only that, the gun will vibrate and produce lights in response when you get tagged too. Then, there is this cool reload feature that makes this gunfight experience even more realistic.

The magazine comes out when it gets empty, and you push it back in to reload. What’s impressive is that you can buy a considerable amount of these sets and sync them together. That way you can make a huge group of people and play together. There are loads of choices to choose from, leading to endless amusement and excitement.


● Hassle-free packaging for more effortless opening
● Realistic experience
● Fun LED light reactions to tagging
● Easy reload feature


● The guns will register a hit if playing in a small room

Laser X 88016 Two Players

A simple 2 Gun set can do things that you could only wish about. If your kids have undivided love for their smartphones like everyone else’s, this gun set from Laser X 88016 will do the trick. Laser X has made many designs, and this is the upgraded version.

Each of the two guns has 10 rounds per mag and a stylish reload method. The Voice Coach mode is also a fantastic addition to this set. It occasionally gives advice and reminders, like if someone is near you or you’re running out of ammo. Although, you can turn it off with a simple button and continue on.

The chest plate’s elastic bands make it easier for anyone to strap it on, regardless of their size or age. The chest plates can register every shot at up to 60 meters without any problem. Because this game uses infrared lights, they tend to bounce off certain materials. This might annoy some people, but that’s what it is.

You can add as many guns as you want in a game and still have a good time.


● New “Rogue” mode that registers every hit from both teams
● Long-range and excellent aims
● Cool voices and commands
● Voice coach and exciting rules


● Certain noises cannot be muted and continuously beep
● Infrared rays bounce off walls, which might ruin the entertainment for those who play in small arenas

The Adventure Guys Deluxe

First of all, there is a warranty of one year. These guys claim that they either ‘You’ll Love It Or We’ll Eat It.’ This means that if you have any problem with their product, they will replace it immediately for free; no questions asked.

The manufacturers made sure that the rays that these guns send out are safe for adults and children alike. The ray’s emission is less than 1mW, and if it sounds confusing, it’s less than a garage door opener.

There is this one additional feature called the Beetle Bug. You can release it, and it will find players and shoot at everyone. You can use it to practice your aim or add an exciting element to your already amusing game. This little thing is swift, so you have to be careful.

To contain all four guns and a beetle, you get a premium case with a sleek exterior. The case not only looks sleek and stylish but is custom-built for all the contents placed inside it. There is also a spot that holds extra batteries in case the installed ones run out of juice.


● Four guns set that can sync with four other sets
● Safe for kids
● New Beetle Bug for more vibrancy in the game
● Four weapon options for more variety in the game


● The case is only for holding the guns and other stuff – it can’t make any impact

And, with that, we will conclude our review of the products. Next are the Buyer’s Guide and FAQs.

Buyer’s Guide

A laser tag gun set has many elements that you have to look through before you buy one. People who are not familiar with this game tend to make many mistakes and overlook many things that decide a good gun set.

We will be discussing those things below in detail, so make sure to take notes and prevent yourself from buying something that will end up in disappointment.

Before we start, the order in which the factors are listed has nothing to do with their importance and significance.


Children are the biggest source of joy and contentment for every single parent in this world. Naturally, they would never want their children to play with something that can be harmful to them. Laser Tag Guns, despite their name, don’t use lasers. Instead, they use infrared lights that are invisible to the naked eye.

They are not like lasers that will affect the eye. But, they will do damage if it reaches a certain degree. Many companies that manufacture these guns make sure that the ray’s power remains bare minimum without losing its functionality. You can trust the more reputable companies with this thing, but it will never hurt if you take a look before you make a purchase.

Ease Of Use

Firing with laser tag guns is one thing, activating it another. Even the dumbest person can figure out how to pull a trigger. There is no rocket science behind it. Unfortunately, a laser tag gun is more than just a trigger.

The number of options and complex configurations can confuse even someone with a smart head. To avoid wasting any time on just getting familiar with the guns, always look for those sets with a detailed guide. The settings are also something that can give you a headache.

Lastly, the handling of guns also matters. The grips should be firm and comfortable enough for both adults and kids.

Number Of Guns

As you may have noticed, there are different numbers of blasters in every set. More guns mean more people can play at a time. The number varies from 2 to 4, but you can buy more of them and sync them together to make bigger teams.

Even so, some people either don’t have any friends or don’t like the company. A simple two-gun set will be enough for them.

Power Source

Most of the companies only make guns powered by AAA batteries. They usually last for about 2-2:30, which in our opinion is actually good. Except, the price of getting batteries every single time you play piles up, which is not worth it.

So, it will be better if you get yourself those that run on rechargeable ones.


We’re pretty sure many of you aren’t from some oil refinery-owning family. A lot of us have tight budgets and can’t afford to splurge so much on a toy, no matter how good it is.

For that reason, getting what you can afford is always better than waiting for your favorite one having its price lowered. You can also compare your choice with other brands and products and get the most similar one at a lower price.


A warranty shows the confidence a company has in its product. The more the years, the better it’s most likely to be. This also gives you a bigger time window to return if you are not satisfied with the guns.

You could get them repaired as well if any technical fault appeared in it during the warranty time. Just don’t lose the receipt, or you will be in a lot of mess. Bickering for hours would be the easiest of your troubles.


Q: What is Laser Tag?

ANS: It is a tactical game that uses guns that shoot IR rays instead of bullets or paintball. The IR rays are received by a sensor that is in either your chest plate or the gun. After a set amount of hits, the player gets eliminated but can rejoin after the new match starts.

Q: Are regular shoes okay for a laser tag match?

ANS: For an indoor match, like one in your house or an arena, throw on a pair of sneakers. They make it easy to move and won’t make much noise in an enclosed space. As for outdoor matches, boots or climbing shoes will be better.

Q: Can you get hurt in laser tag?

ANS: The only way you’ll get hurt is by tripping or running into something. The laser tag in itself is not dangerous. This game requires a lot of physical activity and can easily cause physical exhaustion if you run too much. We have mentioned that the guns don’t actually use lasers but IR rays that are proved to be safe.

Q: Is there any age limit for laser tag?

ANS: There isn’t any limit when you play at home. Anyone can play this game with ease and enjoy it. But, if we talk about those specialized areas where all kinds of people come to play, there are some. They are mainly for protecting the younger participants as they are bound to get separated from their guardians.

On the one hand, some kids revel in this kind of environment. While on the others, they might not even step into the arena. The lighting is mostly dark for a better mood, which can scare them.

Q: How can someone new to this sport play it?

Ans: You don’t need to have some Ph.D. to play this game. All you need are some basic instructions that someone before the match will tell you. A lot of arenas have hired people to get through the difficulties, so you’re good to go.


With that we will end our article here. If you felt that we missed something or there are some suggestions that might improve our site, please drop them all in the comment section below.

Stay safe, stay happy. Happy tagging!